Weep System Products

MTI weeps with our “True Channel” technology, put the weep holes or weep vents at the lowest point in the wall – where the water is! MTI also manufactures the only weep screed on the market that truly “weeps” the bottom of thin veneer walls – L & R Weep Screed. MTI weep products, when combined with MTI drainage planes, offer a complete rainscreen moisture management solution for building envelope drainage.

MTI weep technology is superior to other weep hole or weep vent products because it puts multiple tunnels or channels at the lowest point of the wall – beneath the bed joint of mortar. These tunnels rapidly conduct the water out of the wall through multiple weep hole openings, thereby protecting the building envelope from moisture damage. Whether it’s a thin veneer like stucco or manmade stone or a stone or brick cavity wall, MTI has a weep product that’s right for the job.

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