MTI Retrofit Weep™

The Only COMPLETE Retrofit Weep™ System

MRW 3408

MTI Retrofit Weep™ Installation

  • Remove all deteriorated material from area to be retrofitted.
  • Replace any and all structural components as needed. DO NOT replace exterior sheathing.
  • Vacuum clean the area to be retrofitted.
  • Determine which is the lowest brick bed or head joint at the area to be retrofitted.
  • Hammer drill a 3/8″ hole in the bed or head joint mortar at this low point. Masonry drill bit should be long enough to reach the brick cavity plus 1″. Remove all drilling debris.
  • Apply Helix two part epoxy bonding agent, HIT-RE 500 V3, to MTI Retrofit Weep™ (MRW 3804) installed on the MTI Retrofit Weep Installation Tool™ (WIT 1404). Select friction fit O ring option if required.
  • Install MTI Retrofit Weep™ (MRW 3804) into 3/8″ hole in brick bed joint or head joint using MTI Retrofit Weep installation tool™ (WIT 1404). The exterior end of the MTI Retrofit Weep™ should be flush with the exterior surface of the bed or head joint of mortar, slightly inset from exterior surface of brick veneer. The interior end of the MTI Retrofit Weep™ should extend into brick cavity approximately 1/4″.
  • Insert MTI Retrofit Weep Rod™ (RWR 1406) into MTI Retrofit Weep™ and into brick cavity approximately 2” if possible. Use mechanical drill if needed.
  • Apply MTI Retrofit Weep™ fluid applied flashing. Application should be done with an airless spray wand or brush. Application should be generous, but not as to flood area to be addressed.
  • Field Fabricate to fit and install MTI Sure Cavity® (SC 5016) against the interior back side of brick veneer with fabric facing the interior of building. The 3” bottom skirt should lay across bottom of brick cavity. Foam the remaining portion of cavity full and remove MTI Retrofit Weep Rod™.

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MRW 3804
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 FRSC 5016, FRSC 5032 

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