Solutions for Wet Basements

Dry Basements Start Outside!

Wet basements are a common problem, but they can be solved. First, it's important that rainwater is directed away from foundations.  This can be accomplished by correctly installed gutters and downspouts with extensions that move water away from the foundation.  Also, soil can be added around the foundation and graded to move run off water away from the house. Water flows to the lowest point so if that's your foundation - that's where the water will go. Hardscaping (sidewalks, driveways and patios) that have settled or that have been improperly graded can direct run off water towards the foundation. If this is the case, they need to be corrected.

Interior Below Grade Solutions

If you correct these issues and still have wet basement problems, you will likely need to install an internal system to assist you with managing your basement moisture.  This is a two-part system that consists of 1) a sump basket - sump pump system and 2) the addition of a drain field - drain tile system.  In combination, these can provide that healthy, sustainable below grade living space in most situations.  View the movies or download the presentations below to learn more.

Installing a Sump Basket - Sump Pump System

Installing A Sump Basket and Sump Pump System

The Installing a Sump Basket Sump Pump System presentation examines how the selection, preparation and installation of the right sump basket and sump pump system, along with making some changes on the outside of your foundation, may solve your wet basement problems. This video reviews the steps you can make on the outside. It then presents a step-by-step guide for installing an effective sump basket and high efficiency sump pump system. The video concludes with an animation of the entire process. You can also download the presentation in PDF format below.

Installing a Drain Field - Drain Tile System

Drain Field – Drain Tile Installation with MTI Floor Edging and Control Cavity

Having a proper drain field is just as important as the sump pump system. Understanding how this type of system functions is essential to installing a system that works. This presentation explains the steps to successfully install a system that will effectively manage moisture in below grade construction. It is the second phase of the project. Be sure to view the sump basket - sump pump video first!

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