Product Testing

Masonry Technology Incorporated believes our customers deserve quality products that are tested and proven to work the way we say they do.  To that end, MTI has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct rigorous product testing—both internally and through independent external testing labs--to validate product performance.  It’s just one of the ways MTI demonstrates our commitment and dedication to improving the building industry.

Sure Cavity™ Moisture Testing

Moisture Flow Test in Thin Veneer Walls

This independently verified test compared two identical thin veneer wall panels. The Control panel contained no drainage plane while the MTI panel was constructed with a layer of 10mm Sure Cavity™ SCMM 2532 between the lath and building paper. The surface of each panel was then saturated with water. This test measured the amount of water intrusion into the backup wall on a panel with drainage plane versus a panel without drainage plane (panel contained two layers of Grade D asphalt impregnated construction paper over the backup wall).

Result: The panel with 10mm Sure Cavity™ stayed dry because the moisture was quarantined. The panel with no drainage plane got wet and stayed wet. The graph above tells the story. Read the full Moisture Testing of Sure Cavity Drainage System report.

*WME or Wood Moisture Equivalent is a scale of moisture levels in wood. According to a variety of resources, moisture content in the 16% to 20% range is enough to support surface fungi. Moisture levels above 20% lead to various types of rot.

Sure Cavity™ UV Exposure Research

Ensuring that your drainage plane system is durable for the long haul is an important commitment at MTI. Sure Cavity™ proved itself again, and held strong during 9 solid weeks of intense UV exposure without any signs of damage. Read the full Sure Cavity UV Testing report.

Sure Cavity™ Fungal Resistance

Is your moisture control system resistant to damaging fungi, or does it provide a comfortable home for fungus to flourish? Sure Cavity™ underwent 4 weeks of testing to see whether it harbored fungus or kept it at bay. The results: Sure Cavity™ was shown to be resistant to five fungi that are common to building construction and potentially harmful to occupants. Read the full Fungal Testing report.

Built to Code - No Rainscreen vs Sure Cavity Rainscreen

Summary of All Testing

Sure Cavity - Moisture Sensor Test of Wall System: This report covers moisture testing of a 10mm Sure Cavity drainage system based on water spray tests conducted on test panels. See Report