MTI Mortar Control Solution

Mortar Placement Drawing

Better Mortar Control is Better Moisture Control

Cavity masonry construction is rooted in a theory of moisture control by draining water to the exterior. Cavity masonry construction must not simply hold the mortar above the weeps but rather ensure a clear moisture drainage pathway behind the entire veneer. Mortar that bridges the masonry cavity can lead to moisture transfer and degradation of materials. MTI's Mortar Control System addresses these concerns and provides proven protection for wall systems.

Mortar Control with Sure Cavity and Cavity Weep

MTI’s Mortar Control System features two components: the Sure Cavity Drainage Plane and the Cavity Weep weep system. Sure Cavity features “True Channel” drainage technology with clear, rigid channels that quickly and effectively drain moisture and ventilate the cavity. Sure Cavity's mortar-blocking fabric ensures that the drainage channels stay clear but is permeable so that moisture can drain and the cavity can dry. A course of Sure Cavity angled at the lowest course of the wall system provides an extra level of protection by holding mortar droppings away from the weeps and preventing mortar from bridging the cavity. MTI’s Cavity Weep creates multiple weep holes at the lowest point of the wall system that blend with mortar.

MTI’s moisture management systems protect sensitive wall components and reputations.

Sure Cavity and Cavity Weep form a system that meet code standards 2015 IRC R703.1.1 Water resistance and 2015 IBC R1403.2 Weather Protection.