Weep Screed Deflector™

Deflects Water & Termites

WSD 1309
Product made with recycled steel Made with Recycled Steel

Weep Screed Deflector™ Installation

  • Install below foundation plate line a minimum of 4 inches above the earth
  • Run down onto foundation a minimum of 2 inches
  • Install L & R Weep Screed™onto Weep Screed Deflector™ according to MTI installation instructions
  • Make sure WRB, Sure Cavity® or Gravity Cavity™, metal lath and scratch coat go inside the L & R Weep Screed™

Ordering & Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Weep Screed Deflector™ Specifications

WSD 1309 is 26 gauge galvanized steel bent into 120° L shape. Vertical attachment flange – 3.453″. Used in conjunction with MTI L & R Weep Screed™.

Product Number
WSD 1309
Piece Lenght (Feet)
Units per Tube
Linear Feet per Tube

Documents, Specs, Details & More

L & R Weep Screed™

 LR 3501 

Sure Cavity®

 SC 5016, SC 5032