Trash Mortar Diverter™

Collects Mortar in Brick Cavity Walls

TMD 9548
Product made with a minimum 94% post industrial recycled plastic Made with a minimum 94% Post-Industrial Recycled Plastic

Trash Mortar Diverter™ Installation

  • Insert onto wall ties as wall is being constructed
  • Point V downward with short leg to the weather
  • Place Trash Mortar Diverter™ in a “checkerboard” or stair step pattern
  • Can be field-fabricated with a common utility knife
  • Use in cavities of 1.5″ or more only

Ordering & Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Trash Mortar Diverter™ Specifications

TMD 9548 is a 0.024″ (0.6mm) thick high impact polystyrene strip formed with 3/16″ (4.8mm) deep corrugations and bent into V-shape with 8.5″ (229 mm) back leg and 5.5″ (127 mm) front leg; weep holes at 2.5″ (64 mm) on center in bottom of “V” and 1″ (25.4 mm) up each leg.

Product Number
TMD 9548
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