L & R Weep Screed

L & R Weep Screed™

Designed for Moisture Control

LR 3501

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L & R Weep Screed
  • L & R Weep Screed
  • L & R Weep Screed
  • L & R Weep Screed
  • L & R Weep Screed
  • L & R Weep Screed

L & R Weep Screed Highlights

L & R Weep ScreedTM is the only weep screed on the market that actually weeps.   The literature for most weep screeds actually states that the holes at the bottom are actually for the attachment of mortar, not weeping!  The L & R Weep ScreedTM is the only weep screed specifically designed to accommodate the full depth of the rainscreen drainage plane system and weep through the large slots along the bottom edge. Design for drainage with the first rainscreen-compatible weep screed from MTI.


  • It is the only metal termination on the market that is specifically designed to accommodate a rainscreen drainage plane material and weep
  • Forms the bottom edge of the scratch coat and the bottom edge of the thin-set mortar
  • Large 1” slots placed frequently along bottom edge provide favorable egress points for moisture to exit thin veneer wall systems
  • MTI’s Weep Screed Deflector, used in conjunction with L & R, acts as a bug screen as well as moves moisture away from foundation

Drains Incidental Moisture behind

  • Stucco
  • Adhered Stone Veneer
  • Thinset Brick

Discover more about weep screeds and the science of draining the bottom of stucco and other thin veneer walls. The Importance of a Weep Screed

L & R Weep Screed Installation

  • Install 2” below foundation plate line and a minimum of 4” above the earth or a minimum of 2" above paved areas
  • Place WRB, drainage plane inside L & R Weep ScreedTM
  • Apply the thin veneer
  • Make sure WRB, Sure CavityTM (or Gravity CavityTM), metal lath and scratch coat go inside the L & R Weep ScreedTM

L & R Weep Screed Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

L & R Weep Screed Specifications

26 gauge galvanized steel bent into 70° V shape. Vertical attachment flange - 3.5" (89 mm), Short leg - 1 1/32" (26.19mm), ground - 0.5" (13 mm), bonding slots 1" (25 mm) punched 1.75" (44 mm) apart, 8 ft long. 

Product Number LR 3501
Piece Length (Feet) 8
Units per Tube 20
Linear Feet per Tube 160