Sure Cavity

Sure Cavity™

Rainscreen Drainage Plane

SC 5016, SC 5032

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Sure Cavity
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Sure Cavity Highlights

Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane (drainage mat) works because it maintains a separation between the materials used for the veneer and the structural back-up wall to drain incidental moisture and dry the building enclosure.  Sure Cavity’s channels enable moisture that enters the building envelope to travel quickly down and out the bottom of the wall, faster than drainage mesh matrix products.

Features & Benefits

  • Compartmentalized channels promote pressure equalization
  • High impact polystyrene ensures durability and prevents compression, waviness, and nail drive-through experienced with fiber-based mesh drainage mat products
  • Saves installation time (half the time of furring strips and backer board)
  • 96% post-consumer recycled content.
  • The adhered fabric blocks mortar or stucco from filling the drainage channels and acts as a bug screen at the bottom

Protection from Incidental Moisture behind

  • Stucco
  • Thin Stone & Thin Brick
  • Fiber Cement & Cedar Siding
  • Brick
  • Natural Stone

Sure Cavity Installation

  • Roll out Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane/drainage mat over the WRB on the backup wall with spunbond fabric facing the installer. Back wrap 4’’ fabric on bottom course to act as bug screen.
  • Fasten Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane/drainage mat with hammer stapler on wood backup walls or dabs of adhesive on masonry. To prevent wind damage only install as much as can be covered with lath/siding the same day.
  • Roll out second and succeeding courses of Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane/drainage mat.  Overlap only the fabric.  Plastic butts directly to top of course beneath it.
  • Install veneer – attachment of veneer material will sandwich the Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage mat permanently in place in thin veneer applications. 

Note: When Sure Cavity is used in interior brick veneer retrofit applications the fabric separates the corrugated plastic from the closed cell spray foam. 

Sure Cavity Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Sure Cavity Specifications

SC5016 and SC5032 are 0.024" (0.6 mm) thick high impact polystyrene sheets. They are formed with corrugations and a spunbond polypropylene fabric on one side with a 4" (102 mm) skirt on one edge.

May be referred to in specifications as channeled and perforated high impact polystyrene with an adhered fabric as an intervening drainage medium behind stucco and scratch coat systems.

Can be used in place of three-dimensional matrix of monofilament fibers with adhered fabric.

Product Number SC 5016 SC 5032
Square Feet per Roll 66 132
Roll Length (Feet) 50 50
Roll Width (Inches) 15.75 31.5
Channel Depth 3/16" / 5mm 3/16" / 5mm
Rolls per Box 4 N/A
Boxes per Pallet 16 N/A
Rolls per Pallet 64 32
Square Feet per Pallet 4224 4224
Pallet Size 50" x 50" x 88" 48" x 48" x 77"