Perforated Control Cavity

Perforated Control Cavity™

Single Wythe Moisture Control

PCC 4816, PCC 4832, PCC 2416, PCC 2432

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Perforated Control Cavity
  • Perforated Control Cavity
  • Perforated Control Cavity
  • Perforated Control Cavity

Perforated Control Cavity Highlights

Perforated Control Cavity maintains a separation between the interior surface of a single-wythe CMU structural wall and the moisture sensitive materials of the interior finished wall.  It creates a drainage system that allows moisture to travel down and out of the wall into a drainage field.



  • Perforations allow cross ventilation for better drying
  • Rigid and durable; will not compress behind interior finished wall
  • Prevents water bridging
  • 96% post-consumer recycled content
  • “The Green Guard® Classic Wrap provides a layer of air resistance to increase energy efficiency, and it acts as a water-resistive barrier that breathes, allowing moisture vapor to escape and reducing the potential for condensation buildup.” (see Green Guard Classic Wrap website for specs)

Perforated Control Cavity Installation

  • Install with channel pattern running up and down vertically and fabric to interior
  • Overlap all edges and ends a minimum of 1”
  • Overlap horizontal edges shingle fashion to outside concrete, masonry substrate (see Lap & Fastening Detail) – upper sheet laps behind (back-laps) lower sheet
  • Cover entire wall surface, top to bottom, in this fashion
  • Mechanically fasten with concrete nails or power fastener; fastening pattern 2’ on center (see Lap & Fastening Detail)

Perforated Control Cavity Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Perforated Control Cavity Specifications

A 0.024" (0.6 mm) thick high impact polystyrene sheets, formed with corrugations and a cross-woven polyolefin fabric (GreenGuard Classic Wrap) on one side with a 4" (102 mm) skirt on one edge.

Product Number PCC 4816 PCC 4832 PCC 2416 PCC 2432
Square Feet per Roll 66 132 33 66
Roll Length (Feet) 50 50 25 25
Roll Width (Inches) 15.75 31.5 15.75 31.5
Channel Depth 3/16" / 5mm 3/16" / 5mm 3/8" / 10mm 3/8" / 10mm
Rolls per Box 4 N/A 4 N/A
Boxes per Pallet 16 N/A 16 N/A
Rolls per Pallet 64 32 64 32
Square Feet per Pallet 4224 4224 2112 2112
Pallet Size 50" x 50" x 88" 48" x 48" x 77" 50" x 50" x 88" 48" x 48" x 77"