Economical Wet Basement Renovation

HC 3504

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H-Cove Highlights

H-CoveTM is part of a retrofit basement moisture management system.  It helps transform your wet basement into a dry, healthy living space.  It significantly decreases material removal, material replacement and project duration saving both time and money.



  • It forms and displaces concrete
  • It creates a passageway for water to flow to the sump basket
  • You take less concrete out and put less concrete in (compared to the drain tile drain field method)
  • Saves time and money

H-Cove Installation


  • Remove concrete floor section and clean out all debris from cut, footing and wall
  • Penetrate all cores of masonry (drill holes) at lowest point of wall (CMU walls only)
  • Install H-Cove by placing back flat against the Control Cavity on the foundation wall and front lip on the footing (back bottom lip will sit about ½” up from top of footing)
  • Field fabricate 45 degree corner cuts and sump basket drain cut with miter saw or utility knife and cover all connections with duct tape
  • Install Sump Basket as to manufacturer directs
  • Pour the new concrete in cut out sections

H-Cove Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

H-Cove Specifications

HC3504 is a .06" (1.523mm) thick rigid PVC extruded into an "h" shape to sit on top of the footing and against the poured or block wall creating a tunnel for moisture to flow to the sump basket. 

Product Number HC 3504
Length (Feet) 4