Moisture Diverter

Moisture Diverter™

Protection Above Doors & Windows

DS 2858

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Moisture Diverter
  • Moisture Diverter
  • Moisture Diverter
  • Moisture Diverter
  • Moisture Diverter
  • Moisture Diverter

Moisture Diverter Highlights

Moisture DiverterTM is an innovative solution for moisture protection at the top of window and door rough openings.  Easy-to-use Moisture DiverterTM from MTI protects this moisture sensitive detail and diverts moisture away from them into the building envelope drainage system.


  • It stops and diverts moisture to either side of window and door rough openings and into the drainage plane.
  • It answers a critical need above wall openings
  • Simple, easy-to-use and very effective

Combine with MTI's Window Drainage Plane™ for the ultimate moisture management at windows.

Moisture Diverter Installation

  • Position Moisture Diverter above wall openings (window, door, etc.) immediately above, but not in contact with, mounting flanges or flashing systems
  • Make Moisture Diverter watertight against moisture resistant coatings on masonry or poured concrete walls
  • Install flashing and overlap WRB shingle-fashion on framed wall
  • Install Moisture Diverter with 1/4 inch per foot slope-to-drain; Moisture Diverter must extend a minimum of 4 inches past window mounting flange or window trim on both sides of window

Moisture Diverter Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Moisture Diverter Specifications

24 gauge galvanized steel 2.5" wide and 4' long; bent into a V shape with one leg 0.625" long and one leg 1.875" long and an angle of 65°.

Product Number DS 2858
Piece Length (Feet) 4
Units per Tube 25
Linear Feet per Tube 100