Education Resources

Education Resources

AIA Continuing Education Courses

For more than 25 years, MTI has been an industry innovator and thought leader with respect to avoiding and eliminating building envelope moisture issues.  It is part of our mission to help advance understanding of the causes of and resolution of moisture related issues in residential and commercial construction.  To that end, as a Registered AIA/CES provider we are pleased to offer the following complimentary AIA Continuing Education Courses online.

Note: in order to take these free AIA CES courses, you will need to create an account and be logged in.  This will enable us to ensure that you receive timely credit from AIA upon successful completion of a course.  If you have an account, use the Login button to take a class. If you need to sign up, use the Register button or the Create an Account button first then Login.  Your information is secure and not shared with outside parties.  View MTI's Privacy Policy.

Education Resources

Masonry Technology, Inc. is eager to help with your continuing education needs. We provide on-demand training for architects and builders. (You do not need to be an AIA member to take these courses.) We also can arrange a live webinar for our AIA CES provider workshops and other MTI training. We can meet virtually with customers quickly and on their schedules. We also feel that this a much better use of natural resources.

Masonry Technology, Inc. is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Credit earned on completion of these programs will be reported to CES Records for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for non-AIA members are also available. There is no charge for any course!

AIA CES Approved Courses

  • Draining Your Wall, Not Your Wallet

    Draining Your Wall, Not Your Wallet

    Understanding the Temperature & Moisture Relationship

    Course #MTI 816
    1 LU/HSW - AIA/CES
    (Meets HSW Requirements)

    New building code requirements focus on improving energy efficiency, but are we re-creating the EIFS disasters of the early 90s? This course explores the relationship between temperature and moisture, and uses these principles to look at energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable buildings by including drainage in the building envelope.

  • Rainscreen 101 Revisited!

    Rainscreen 101 Revisited!

    Moisture Management Techniques for Healthier Structures

    Course #MTI 712
    (Meets HSW Requirements)

    Moisture is the number one cause of building envelope failures.  When used correctly, rainscreen moisture management systems greatly reduce that risk; however, one size doesn’t fit all!  From furring strips to building wraps to manufactured rainscreen drainage products, the potential rainscreen drainage choices are many, but certainly not equally effective. Learn the fundamentals of choosing the right rainscreen moisture management system for your next project and leave with resources that can simplify the process.

  • From the Ground Up!

    From the Ground Up!

    Sustainability Strategies for the Rainscreen Building Envelope

    Course #MTI 609
    1.25 LU/HSW AIA-CES
    (Meets HSW Requirements)

    Moisture intrusion at all levels of the building envelope is a major sustainability and health issue. This course focuses on three areas of the building envelope that have unique moisture intrusion issues: the foundation/below-grade construction, window and door rough openings and parapet walls.  The course not only looks at how moisture gets into these moisture-prone areas of the rainscreen building envelope, it also presents suggestions on how to remedy the problems with effective rainscreen moisture management systems.

  • Don't Get Soaked!

    Don't Get Soaked!

    Drainage Solutions for the Rainscreen Building Envelope

    Course #MTI 131
    1 LU/HSW - AIA/CES
    (Meets HSW Requirements)

    The health & sustainability costs of moisture in the rainscreen building envelope can be dire! The evidence is clear that moisture related building envelope failures, and their health related consequences, are still commonplace. This course examines some well-known failure incidents as well as health issues related to moisture intrusion; it examines moisture-prone areas of the rainscreen building envelope; and it presents specific suggestions on how to remedy the problems in those areas with effective rainscreen moisture management systems.

  • Weep Now or Weep Later!

    Weep Now or Weep Later!

    The Importance of Getting Bottom of Wall Drainage Right!

    Course #MTI 192
    1 LU/HSW - AIA/CES
    (Meets HSW Requirements)

    Effective moisture management systems are critical to HSW, sustainable design and energy efficiency. Cavity walls of 1" or greater must provide adequate drainage at the bottom of the wall to allow moisture to exit efficiently from the building envelope.

    This course looks at studies that support the need for adequate weep systems, states the criteria of those systems, and covers the risk zones where those systems are needed. This course is designed to help you meet the AIA’s HSW requirements.