Winter 2019 – Moisture Matters Newsletter

Moisture Matters Newsletter

Moisture Solutions for Adhered Stone

Adhered stone (both natural and manufactured) has seen increased popularity in recent years for its warm aesthetic and affordability. Just like stucco, adhered masonry needs an air gap for drainage to prevent entrapped moisture. Match the Sure Cavity™ rainscreen with the industry's only ventilated weep screed for best in class protection against mold and rot.

Thin Stone Rainscreen & Weeps

Building Science Briefs: "Avoiding Stucco Buckets"

Stucco Wrapped Soffits - Also Called Stucco Buckets

In the November issue of the Journal of Light Construction an MTI authored article titled "Avoiding Stucco Buckets" offers a reminder that it's essential to ask, "Where will the moisture drain to?"
A stucco bucket is an overhang where the stucco wraps from the vertical wall to the horizontal surface underneath, without anywhere for liquid water to drain out. This detailing also occurs with thin brick and stone, often at inset windows.
The article explores approaches to doing this detail correctly with drainage and diversion. Plus a unique approach for inset windows that use corner brick and stone units.

Read "Avoiding Stucco Buckets"

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We often encounter the unexpected in something as complex as the design process for a new building. And nothing effects the  long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and health of occupants like moisture.

That's why MTI provides experts to help with your moisture management questions.  We give you access to real people with real answers.

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MTI is all about drainage at all levels of the building envelope.   MTI's above-grade products include rainscreen drainage planes and weeps that feature MTI's exclusive "True Channel" technology, delivering unmatched moisture removal capability and the highest recycled content in the industry. MTI's proven basement moisture management products have been installed in thousands of homes, eliminating wet basement problems and providing a healthier living environment.