Spring 2018 – Moisture Matters

Moisture Matters Newsletter

Managing Risk at Trouble Spots

Window Risk Management - Divert & Drain

Leaks and moisture problems are often concentrated at interruptions in the drainage plane, like at windows. Learn how to manage risk at windows by reducing exposure to moisture at the rough opening and ensuring a path for moisture drainage. Take the belt-and-suspenders approach at problem spots with Moisture Diverter™ and Window Drainage Plane™.

Minimize Risk at Windows

Building Science Briefs: "The Coming Stucco-Pocalypse"

We've been building with stucco for hundreds of years, why change it now? It's a common question from designers and builders that building scientist Dr. Joe Lstiburek tackles in this recent article.
Stucco assemblies of 2018 are vastly different from those of 78 A.D. and 1978, from the stucco itself to the insulation, plastic water resistive barriers and engineered wood products. Stucco is a great exterior, but its behavior with moisture is different in today's walls.
Lstiburek examines the cascade of changes to stucco over the past 2000 years, and points to critical considerations for working with modern stucco. He concludes that "the assemblies need enhanced drainage and enhanced drying" and recommends a drainage mat like Sure Cavity to maintain a gap for predictable draining & drying.
Protect your walls and your reputation against moisture problems by partnering with MTI to design and build water managed stucco walls.

Detail Robust Stucco Walls

MTI Article: Moisture Management for Decks Above Living Space

Verandas, porticos, and promenades interface the beauty of the natural world with the built environment. As many cities change building codes to require green roofs and establish stricter limits on hardscaping, many designers look to convert roof space to living space. The design and execution of the construction of a moisture management system on a veranda is no task for the amateur or uninformed professional.
John Koester outlines key considerations for moisture management at verandas.

Read the Veranda Moisture Management Article

We Can Help!

We often encounter the unexpected in something as complex as the design process for a new building. And nothing effects the  long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and health of occupants like moisture.

That's why MTI provides experts to help with your moisture management questions.  We give you access to real people with real answers.

Call us at 800-879-3348 or use our Contact Form to get the answers you need to ensure that moisture doesn't pose a problem down the road.

Consult with the Experts at MTI

MTI is all about drainage at all levels of the building envelope.   MTI's above-grade products include rainscreen drainage planes and weeps that feature MTI's exclusive "True Channel" technology, delivering unmatched moisture removal capability and the highest recycled content in the industry. MTI's proven basement moisture management products have been installed in thousands of homes, eliminating wet basement problems and providing a healthier living environment.