Compare MTI Drainage Mat Products

Info and chart compairing MTI's Drainage Mat Products

PUBLISHED BY: Masonry Technology, Inc..

POSTED: April 23, 2020

MTI Advantages:

  • “True Channel” clear drainage cavity
  • Resists compression and reduces waviness
  • Time-saving & straightforward installation
  • Full line of moisture management products
  • Permeable – not a vapor retarder
  • 96% recycled content (minimum)
  • Eligible for LEED points
  • 20 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

MTI Drainage Planes (Drainage Mats) feature our patented “True Channel” rainscreen drainage technology.  MTI’s drainage planes work behind most veneers and offer superior drainage and air flow.  MTI has drainage planes for Exterior Use behind veneers (Table I) and Interior Use for Above and Below-Grade (Table II). Use the tables to help you select the best choice for your project.

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