Moisture Management Education

Moisture Management Education

You know that building better is about understanding the principles of building science and using quality products. MTI is committed to improving the industry by both manufacturing the best building envelope moisture management products available and investing in educational resources for architects, engineers, and contractors. Stay in the loop about how to build sustainably and manage moisture with MTI.

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  • Natural Stone Moisture Management

    Natural Stone Moisture Management

    Published By: Masonry Magazine Natural Stone Guide | Date: November 2017 | Author: John Koester Download Article Stone: The Original Building Material Structures built of stone have stood the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically. Stone is strong, available just about anywhere, and has an undeniable visual …Read More »
  • Through-Wall Flashing Gets an Update (and Upgrade)

    Through-Wall Flashing Gets an Update (and Upgrade)

    Improved Single-Wythe Through-Wall Flashing System Saves Money, Builds Stronger Walls Published By: MTI | Date: March 2017 | Author: Tyler LeClear Vachta Through-wall flashing is a pain. Save materials, drain better, and build a stronger wall with MTI's slope-to-drain tool and Cavity Weep. To address moisture …Read More »
  • Better Brick Mortar Control is Better Moisture Control

    Better Brick Mortar Control is Better Moisture Control

    Published By: MTI | Date: December 2016 | Author: Tyler LeClear Vachta Cavity masonry construction is rooted in a theory of moisture control by draining water to the exterior. Mortar still clogs the cavity, just higher up. Drainage and ventilation are limited.1 Mortar Deflection Device Pitfalls Mortar deflection devices …Read More »

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