The MTI Difference

The MTI Difference

“A drainage plane/drainage mat product with appropriate accessories and installation runs approximately $1.50-$2 per square foot while remediation costs on some of the projects with which I have been involved can be $58 a square foot.” Mark Parlee, Forensics Expert, The Building Consultant

Why MTI is the Best Choice For Your Moisture Management Project

Managing building moisture is an extremely complex task--and the stakes couldn’t be higher.  The cost of potential lawsuits and remediation in the event of moisture intrusion dwarf the nominal costs of including the right building envelope moisture management products in your projects.

While other companies manufacture and sell rainscreen drainage planes, weeps and basement moisture management products, MTI stands above on three key dimensions:

  • Product Effectiveness – only MTI offers innovative True Channel technology that works simply and simply works.  Invented by MTI owner John Koester based on his 30+ year masonry career, the unique rigid channels in these products move moisture out quickly and don’t compress under pressure unlike other spun fiber based products.  Learn more

  • Portfolio Breadth/Custom Products – with over 25 building moisture management products and accessories, MTI has what you need to do your job and do it well—that’s peace of mind.  Have something really unusual?  Put us to the test—we’ve worked with numerous clients to create custom products to meet their project specifications.  Learn more about MTI.

  • Partnership – from day one, MTI has operated on the principle that the only way to ensure that you get the optimal solution for your project it to collaborate closely with our customers.  When you call, you’ll not only get a real person—you get direct access to some of the most experienced moisture management experts in the industry.  Time and time again, our customers tell us they don’t receive this level of help from any other rainscreen drainage plane or weep manufacturer.  Learn more about partnering with MTI.