Moisture Intrusion is the Stuff of Nightmares

Sleep Easy with MTI

Remediating Moisture Problems is a Billion Dollar Industry

“In building forensics investigations, I see hundreds of  moisture-related wall failures. Including a rainscreen drainage product, like those from MTI, costs only about a buck-and-a-half per square foot installed. That’s pretty cheap insurance to keep the envelope dry and performing well, considering the alternatives.”

Mark Parlee,  Building Forensics Expert - The Building Consultant - Urbandale, IA

Simply put: MTI's products reduce the risk of wall failure and are less expensive than incurring the risk. We've worked with hundreds of architects, engineers, contractors and owners on remediating failed walls - every one of them wished that it would've been done right in the first place. Moisture related wall failure is a nightmare for everyone involved - but it's preventable.

In the building envelope, just because you use a quality weather resistant barrier or "waterproofing" doesn't mean that moisture will never enter - and that's why you need to provide a predictable path for water to drain.

MTI's rainscreen drainage plane and weep system products deliver protection against moisture intrusion and peace of mind. In the field, MTI's products have been preventing moisture intrusion for over 30 years.  In the lab, our products have been extensively tested and proven to quickly drain and dry wall systems.

Got 2 Minutes? Increase Your Rainscreen Knowledge

Got 2 Minutes? Increase Your Rainscreen Knowledge

The Competition Can't Compete

Predictable Drainage Channels

Resists Compression

Prevents Wavy Walls, Fastener Breakthrough

Creates Rainscreen Drainage Gap

Vapor Permeable

Over 96% Recycled Material


MTI Sure Cavity™




Entangled Filaments


dimple boards


Textured housewrap

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Testing Proves MTI Products Deliver

WRB's Don't Drain, but Sure Cavity Does

WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) Animated graph

*Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) levels of 16-20% promote fungal growth, and 20% or higher promote rot.

MTI has conducted extensive independently verified testing to prove that its products quickly drain and dry wall systems. These tests also highlight issues with the minimum standards allowed in building code. In short, the standard two layers of asphalt paper used in thin veneer assemblies don't allow the systems to dry, and created ideal conditions for rot and fungal growth, while the wall with MTI's Sure Cavity stayed dry. Learn more about MTI's independently verified testing.

The numbers in the lab are compelling, but so are those in the field.

MTI's products have been keeping wall systems dry for over 30 years without a single failure. No moisture related callbacks or litigation for contractors and architects. No nightmares.

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