Drainage Mat (Drainage Plane) Products

MTI offers drainage mat (drainage planes) for both exterior rainscreen walls as well as interior above grade and below grade applications. MTI's high performance drainage mats feature our patented "True Channel" technology that gets moisture out of walls faster and doesn't compress under pressure. Whether the goal is a sustainable, beautiful facade or a dry, healthy basement living space, MTI has the right drainage mat for the job. To learn more about the superiority of MTI rainscreen drainage mats (drainage planes) Click Here View the MTI Drainage Mat/Drainage Plane Comparison Chart Click Here

Why Use A Drainage Mat?

Drainage Mat provides a permanent, predictable “Gap” of at least 1/8” and it provides the potential for air movement.

Since the 1990s the construction industry has become increasingly aware of the necessity of moisture management in the rainscreen building envelope.   A great deal of research has gone into studying and alleviating the building envelope moisture issue, and it has all led to one simple answer:  There must be a permanent,  predictable drainage space located behind the veneer and in front of the moisture resistant material on the backup wall.  This space is known scientifically as a drainage plane and it is most effectively created by installing a product commonly referred to in the industry as a drainage mat.

So why use a drainage mat product behind your stucco, cultured stone (man-made) stone, thin brick, hardboard siding or other veneer?  Reputable scientists around the world have proven the necessity of a “gap” or “void” to the long term viability of the rainscreen building envelope.  Drainage mat products like MTI’s Sure Cavity, 10mm Sure Cavity and our economy Gravity Cavity rainscreen drainage mat (drainage plane) drain moisture down and out of the building envelope before it can damage sensitive materials.  The perforations in MTI drainage mat products also aid in airflow and their unique,” true channel” construction not only moves moisture down and out more efficiently, it also adds rigidity to our drainage mat products so they don’t collapse behind tightly fastened veneers.   

MTI drainage mat (drainage plane) products have withstood the test of time.  We have been making rainscreen building envelope drainage products for more than 25 years, and MTI rainscreen drainage mat and masonry weep materials can be found in LEED projects, fine homes and government buildings throughout North America. View MTI Project Showcase