Floor Edging

Floor Edging™

For Dry Basements

FE 8555

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Floor Edging
  • Floor Edging
  • Floor Edging
  • Floor Edging
  • Floor Edging

Floor Edging Highlights

Floor Edging is a moisture barrier, thermal break and slip sheet that allows moisture to pass by the edge of a concrete floor and away from living areas.  It helps prevent shrinkage cracks by allowing the floor to move.  Floor Edging solves wet basements problems permanently and prevents callbacks. 


  • Forms edge of floor at walls — block or poured
  • Separates edge of floor from walls — prevents attaching, moisture transfer and thermal transfer
  • Forms bottom side of floor and separates it from substrate - prevents attaching, floor shrinkage cracking, and moisture transfer
  • It can be used with expansion material and it works in both new and retrofit projects

Floor Edging can also be used as a ventilation board at the top of masonry cavity walls. 

Floor Edging Installation

  • Layout Floor Edging overlapping ends approximately 2”
  • Fabricate inside and outside corners with common utility knife
  • Select proper floor elevation with story pole or snap chalk line – Top edge of Floor Edging must be a minimum of 2” higher than top edge of concrete
  • Cover floor edging and drain field with poly before pouring floor

Floor Edging Ordering/Shipping

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Floor Edging Specifications 

FE 8555 is a 0.024" (0.6 mm) thick high-impact polystyrene strip formed with 3/16" (4.8 mm) deep corrugations, bent into L-shape, 9" (229 mm) wide by 5" (127 mm) high, to fit on top of footing and below the edge of a slab on grade. The system forms a control joint between slab and wall and serves as a thermal break between the slab and footing and/or foundation.

Product Number FE 8555
Piece Length (Feet) 4
Pieces per Bundle 10
Linear Feet per Bundle 40
Bundles per Box 6
Linear Feet per Box 240
Boxes per Pallet 10
Linear Feet per Pallet 2400
Pallet Size 48" x 40" x 55"