Product Performance

Product Performance

MTI is the only manufacturer of rainscreen drainage plane (drainage mat) and weeps that feature “True Channel” rainscreen technology. These channels conduct water in a straight line, the fastest route out of the building envelope. So what’s the True Channel Advantage?

  • Our products don’t compress under pressure
  • They install just as quickly and as easily as other roll-on products
  • We are the innovator of an attached spunbond fabric layer to prevent clogging
  • Our channels promote better air movement in the rainscreen building envelope
  • Designed by a former mason and moisture management expert
  • MTI products were specifically designed to fight moisture trapped in the rainscreen building envelope
  • Vertical channels that move the water quickly from top of wall to bottom of wall
  • The recycled drainage plane material is perforated to add cross-ventilation and to keep it from becoming an ill-placed vapor barrier
  • All of our drainge planes, weeps and our Floor Edging for basements feature "True Channel" technology.

The key element is predictability! MTI rainscreen drainage planes, weeps and accessories – The Better Choice in Rainscreen Drainage for building envelope moisture management! However, don’t just take our word for it, Independent Testing results and Evaluation Reports on our Sure Cavity™ rainscreen drainage plane support these claims. For more information on Testing and MTI Product use these links.

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