MTI on YouTube

MTI has more than 50 videos on YouTube organized into four playlists: The MTI Advantage, Installation Videos, Testing and MTI Product Videos.  These playlists make it easy to find out what our products are, where they are used, how they are installed and why they perform better than the competition.

The MTI Advantage

MTI’s "True Channel" technology is the industry leader in getting moisture out of walls faster and better than other available products. Using MTI products will make your project more sustainable, more energy efficient and healthier because MTI keeps rainscreen building envelopes dry so materials last, insulation is protected and de-humidification costs remain low.

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Installation Videos

We have provided at least one installation video for each of our products. While it is impossible to cover every possible building detail where MTI products might be employed, we have tried to cover the most often encountered applications. You can find additional installation animations by visiting our HyperSpecs section on this website. Identify the wall detail that is similar to yours and view the installation animation on that page.

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Viewing the four testing videos on our YouTube channel illustrates that dramatic difference MTI Sure Cavity, 10MM Sure Cavity and Gravity Cavity drainage planes make in getting moisture out of walls fast! (Some of the wall panels shown in the video Moisture Flow Tests in Thin Veneer Walls also contained MTI's WOW weeps.) Viewing the videos provides dramatic visual proof of the importance of a moisture management system in the building enclosure.

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MTI Products

This playlist is devoted to videos that explain individual MTI products. Get an overview of what each MTI product is designed to do. MTI has 25 products designed for a wide variety moisture management situations in the building envelope, both above grade and below grade.

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