Matt Risinger talks about MTI Rainscreens, Weeps, Furring Strips

New Rainscreens, Flashings, Siding, & Insulation from JLC Live Show in Providence RI

"You know I love talking rainscreens - anything to do with water management I'm all about."
- Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger, an award-winning builder with over 20 years experience in residential construction and host of the hit YouTube BUILD Show, discusses the importance of moisture management and shares his take on MTI solutions at the 2019 JLC Live show in Providence Rhode Island.

Corrugated Lath Strip™

Rainscreen batten / furring strips in a roll. Lighter-weight and less expensive. Lightweight 50ft rolls of Corrugated Lath Strip™ create a rainscreen air gap in both horizontal and vertical siding applications.

Wall Opening Weeps™

When you've got a flashing over a window head you want water to weep out. Wall Opening Weeps make sure window drip caps aren't caulked over. Great for stucco and "lick and stick" stone.

Sure Cavity® Rainscreen Air Gap

Making sure you actually have airflow in your rainscreen cavity. WIth a mortar blocking fabric / bug screen that keeps the air gap open for drainage. Perforated to let the wall dry to the exterior.

L & R Weep Screed™ Vented Termination

Drainage slots line up perfectly with the drainage mat so you actually have drainage and drying. Works in several assemblies, such as stucco and "lick-and-stick" stone.

Moisture Diverter™ Recessed Window Protection

With recessed windows often the head flashing doesn't come through that assembly. Here's how behind the facade you can actually divert water away from those recessed windows. Now if you can't weep water out at the windows you can divert it over to the sides. How smart is that?

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