Moisture Solutions for Masonry

Rainscreens: 5 Things You Need To Know to Protect your Walls

Brick, Natural Stone & Thin Veneers

The timeless visual appeal and durability of masonry are unparalleled.  While the broad appeal of masonry is unchanging, the methods and materials of construction have evolved significantly. Narrower, more insulated, and more air-tight walls are reducing initial costs, construction time, and energy use - but these walls deal with moisture differently than mass masonry walls of the 19th & 20th century.

With reputations on the line, smart designers & builders mitigate the risk of moisture intrusion by ensuring a clear rainscreen air gap for drainage along the entire backup wall. Combined with high performance weeps or weep screeds and good design, these designers and builders are constructing walls and reputations that will stand the test of time.

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Essential Wall Assembly Components

Rainscreen Drainage Plan - Air Gap

Perfect for cavity masonry as well as thin veneers, Sure Cavity™'s rigid channels and mortar blocking fabric ensure a clear and continuous drainage gap along the entire backup wall. Time and time again in the lab and on the jobsite Sure Cavity has been proven to rapidly drain and dry walls.

Cavity Weep™

That water that you've drained to the bottom of the wall needs an exit strategy. We know that rope weeps and tubes don't work, and that water doesn't run uphill to drain from cell vents above the bed joint of mortar. The flashing is the lowest point in the cavity - so it makes sense that water should drain directly off the flashing. MTI's Cavity Weep™, Stone Cavity Weep™ and Head Joint Weeps™ create weep tunnels directly on top of the flashing. Cavity Weep and Stone Cavity Weep are self-spaced weeps that quickly roll out on the flashing and ensure that gravity can drain water at the lowest point in the wall.

Head Joint Weep™ for Lintels & Shelves

Each Head Joint Weep™ drains water directly on the lintel or shelf angle flashing. Each Head Joint Weep™ is 3/8" wide - the same as a mortar joint - so it acts as a time-saving spacer for creating great looking mortar joints.

Thin Veneer Weeps

Above windows and in run-to-grade thin stone and stucco applications a weep screed may not provide the desired aesthetic, but drainage at these locations is absolutely critical. The unique L-shaped Wall Opening Weeps™ create drainage tunnels from the rainscreen drainage plane to the exterior in thin veneers and cavity masonry walls.