EIFS Moisture Management

EIFS (exterior insulation finish system) assemblies provide built-in continuous insulation to help meet energy codes. From stucco-like finishes to metallic and brick appearances, EIFS veneers are incredibly versatile. High-performance EIFS requires drainage between the EPS or XPS foam insulation and the air & water barrier. While vertical strips of adhesive are typically used to create a drainage gap, extra attention should be given to prevent incorrect installation and accidentally sealing off the drainage gap with the adhesive itself. 

Water-Managed EIFSEIFS Drainage Strip

Experience and building science have shown us the need for drainage in EIFS assemblies. Corrugated Lath Strip™ ensure a 1/8" gap for drainage in water-managed EIFS walls. Corrugated Lath Strip prevents the accidentally sealing off the drainage gap, ensuring that your high-performance walls stay dry and healthy.

Choose the drainage strip used in water managed EIFS systems by major manufacturers for over 25 years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Corrugated Lath Strip with Warrantied EIFS Assemblies?
Yes! Please contact us at 800-879-3348 today to learn about manufacturer warrantied drainable EIFS with Corrugated Lath Strip

Do I need to notch the foam insulation to fit the Corrugated Lath Strip?
No. The Corrugated Lath Strip maintains a 1/8" drainage gap, which is the minimum to ensure a capillary break. The adhesive or fastener patterns need to maintain this same gap throughout the wall in order to be a drainable EIFS assembly. Using Corrugated Lath Strip ensures the minimum drainage gap while keeping the foam panels in plane.

How is Corrugated Lath Strip Installed?
Install at terminations, window and door heads, with dime-sized dabs of construction adhesive or staples/nails every 2 ft.