Corrugated Lath System

You know walls work better with a rainscreen. Experts recommend a 3/16" air gap between siding and the WRB for draining, drying and durability. Prevent moisture problems behind siding & cement board with Corrugated Lath Strip™ (CLS 2316) from MTI and stay dry.

  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Engineered Wood Siding
  • Real Wood siding

$0.18 per running foot delivered

$0.13 per square foot of wall

At your dealer or direct from MTI for volume orders of 5 pallets or more. For less than 5 pallet orders call for pricing.
3/16" Drainage | Cross Ventilation | Trim & Tack | Resists Compression | Lightweight | Convenient 50 ft Rolls

Drainage Done Right. Installed Fast. On-Budget.

Corrugated Lath Strip installed like furring strips or rainscreen battens

Detail Like Furring Strips

Align with studs, fasten with hammer tacker. Also works with board and batten.

Window trim hack - use 3/16

Less Time Rabbeting Window Trims

No need to rabbet flat stock trim around flanged windows - the Corrugated Lath Strip acts like a 3/16" shim.

Rainscreen starter strip with bug screen

Convenient Starter Strip

Corrugated Lath Strip pre-wrapped in a bug screen for the base of wall, window heads, and eaves. "Double it" to use as a siding starter strip.

Moisture Diverter with Siding

Moisture Diverter ™ Above Windows

Windows are where most moisture problems start. Provide extra protection by diverting water away from the rough opening.

Typical Wall Detail for Corrugated Lath Strip and Lap Siding

Annotated diagram of typical Wall Detail for Corrugated Lath Strip and Lap Siding

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