Winter 2018 – Moisture Matters Newsletter

Moisture Matters Newsletter

Versatile Weeps For All Masonry Veneers

When you think of weeps, do you only think of brick? Think again! All veneers need drainage, and Wall Opening Weeps™ are able to weep Full Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thin Brick, Brick and Stucco. By creating multiple drainage tunnels directly on the flashing, Wall Opening Weeps drain walls better than tubes or ropes.

Drain Walls Better with Wall Opening Weeps™

Building Science Briefs: Houston "Wash 'n Wear Buildings"

Resilient Houstonians are taking steps to rebuild better and plan for the next flood by building drainable, dryable walls. Building Scientist Dr. Joseph Lstiburek weighs in on cost saving approaches to save homes in Hurricane Harvey territory, as well as recommendations for flood resilient new construction.

Lstiburek recommends retrofiting brick walls from the interior with a drainage mat, like Sure Cavity™, followed by closed cell spray foam to establish a flood tolerant, dryable assembly that only needs to be washed off in a future flood.

MTI is partnering with contractors, architects and owners in Houston to provide flood remediation recommendations and put lives back together.

Rebuild Flood Resilient Walls

Natural Stone Moisture Management

Stone - the original building material. Structures built of stone have stood the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically. How we build with stone has changed over time, and it has impacted moisture management.
We need to help stone veneers dry out, whether thin or full stone. Ventilated rain screen details are key to high-performance modern walls. Learn more in this article from the November 2017 issue of Masonry Magazine.

Read The Natural Stone Moisture Management Article

We Can Help!

We often encounter the unexpected in something as complex as the design process for a new building. And nothing effects the  long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and health of occupants like moisture.

That's why MTI provides experts to help with your moisture management questions.  We give you access to real people with real answers.

Call us at 800-879-3348 or use our Contact Form to get the answers you need to ensure that moisture doesn't pose a problem down the road.

Consult with the Experts at MTI

MTI is all about drainage at all levels of the building envelope.   MTI's above-grade products include rainscreen drainage planes and weeps that feature MTI's exclusive "True Channel" technology, delivering unmatched moisture removal capability and the highest recycled content in the industry. MTI's proven basement moisture management products have been installed in thousands of homes, eliminating wet basement problems and providing a healthier living environment.