“Weep” Screed In Name Only? MTI Does it Better

L&R Weep Screed for Thin Veneer Rainscreens
Large drainage slots in the L & R Weep Screed below the Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane (with fabric wrapped under as an insect barrier) will drain and ventilate the wall system.

Rely on Hairline Cracks for Drainage?
No Way! Drain & Ventilate it Better with MTI.

Common weep screeds weep along the angular beedBuilding Science tells us that a rainscreen air gap keeps walls dry.

The L & R Weep Screed from MTI is the only weep screed to feature large slots to weep and ventilate a rainscreen drainage plane, giving your walls the highest level of protection against entrapped moisture.

Rainscreen Compatible Weep ScreedUse the L & R Weep Screed with Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane in stucco, thinset brick & adhered stone for walls that stay dry. Sure Cavity features a mortar blocking fabric that doubles as an insect barrier at terminations.



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