Summer 2018 – Moisture Matters

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Advanced Weeps for High Performance Masonry

Weeps won't work if they are Missing, Above the flashing, or Clogged with mortar.

MTI's Cavity Weep™ and Stone Cavity Weep™ self-spaced weep systems provide frequent tunnels for drainage directly on the flashing. Cavity Weep provides increased drying power for high performance masonry.

Drain Masonry Better with Cavity Weep

Building Science Briefs: "Joints, Corners & Penetrations"

Building Scientist Dr. Joseph Lstiburek looks at the nuance of product selection with fluid applied products in a recent article.  The weak spots for moisture problems have always been joints, corners & penetrations. The "skin" of a building is dynamic and constantly moving, so detailing for that movement is essential.
While some newer building materials such as fluid applied air & water barriers and flashings advertise "foolproof" application, professionals need to exercise careful judgement of the appropriate products at joints, corners and penetrations that can handle normal expansion and contraction. And of course, the classic principle of including an air gap is still important.

Read About Joints,  Corners and Penetrations

Natural Stone Moisture Management MTI Article: Natural Stone Moisture Management

Structures built of stone have stood the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically. Stone is strong, available just about anywhere, and has an undeniable visual appeal. The economics of recent centuries have shifted from building structures primarily with rocks to only using real stone on the facades of high dollar edifices, and a smaller number of experienced stone masons are keepers of the generational knowledge of building with stone.

But stone walls from 500 years ago are different from 50 years ago, and even those walls have changed a lot in 50 years. Learn about building science best practices for building modern walls out of the original building material.

Read The Natural Stone Moisture Management Article

We Can Help!

We often encounter the unexpected in something as complex as the design process for a new building. And nothing effects the  long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and health of occupants like moisture.

That's why MTI provides experts to help with your moisture management questions.  We give you access to real people with real answers.

Call us at 800-879-3348 or use our Contact Form to get the answers you need to ensure that moisture doesn't pose a problem down the road.

Consult with the Experts at MTI

MTI is all about drainage at all levels of the building envelope.   MTI's above-grade products include rainscreen drainage planes and weeps that feature MTI's exclusive "True Channel" technology, delivering unmatched moisture removal capability and the highest recycled content in the industry. MTI's proven basement moisture management products have been installed in thousands of homes, eliminating wet basement problems and providing a healthier living environment.