Flood Retrofit – More Options

Flood Resilient Brick Tie

Options for Rebuilding Stronger
Now with Retrofit Brick Ties

As homeowners and businesses take stock and plan to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, many are looking to rebuild drainable, dryable, flood resilient walls. MTI's two Rainscreen Retrofit approaches create stronger and safer walls. These retrofits are an economical alternative to elevating a home or replacing the veneer.

Retrofit Brick TieThe Retrofit Brick Tie™ is installed from the interior of the brick wall where brick ties are missing or damaged.

Sure Cavity RainscreenThe Sure Cavity™ rainscreen drainage plane creates a drainage gap between the brick veneer and the closed cell spray foam insulation.

In a flood event, the closed cell insulation is left in place, reducing time and cost to "get back to normal."

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