Fall 2018 – Moisture Matters Newsletter

Moisture Matters Newsletter

Continuous Insulation - Drainable & Durable

Water Managed EIFS

EIFS offers incredible versatility in design and valuable insulating properties. The key to well-designed EIFS assemblies is drainage. Corrugated Lath Strip™ ensures that the drainage gap is predictable and open - it prevents accidentally sealing off the insulation panels.
Plus, at 1/8 of an inch, Corrugated Lath Strip fits in with standard adhesive systems and maintains over 95% of the R-value of the EIFS panels.

Specify Drainage with EIFS

Building Science Briefs: "De-Icing Ice Dams"

Just in time for winter, Building Scientist Dr. Joseph Lstiburek looks at ways to prevent and remediate the conditions that create ice dams.
Ice dams are common problems in the north and require costly repairs to roofs and damaged interiors.
Preventing ice dams involves keeping the roof deck cold to prevent the snow melt and refreeze. The three approaches used include air tightness, insulation, and venting out warm air.
The article explores designs for new builds as well as retrofitting through over-roofing.

Read About Ice Dams

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We Can Help!

We often encounter the unexpected in something as complex as the design process for a new building. And nothing effects the  long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and health of occupants like moisture.

That's why MTI provides experts to help with your moisture management questions.  We give you access to real people with real answers.

Call us at 800-879-3348 or use our Contact Form to get the answers you need to ensure that moisture doesn't pose a problem down the road.

Consult with the Experts at MTI

MTI is all about drainage at all levels of the building envelope.   MTI's above-grade products include rainscreen drainage planes and weeps that feature MTI's exclusive "True Channel" technology, delivering unmatched moisture removal capability and the highest recycled content in the industry. MTI's proven basement moisture management products have been installed in thousands of homes, eliminating wet basement problems and providing a healthier living environment.