Advanced Masonry Weeps

Cavity Weep & Stone Cavity Weep

In full-width cavity masonry weeps are installed on flashings to let water out of the wall system. But not all weeps drain effectively.

  • Weep ropes can't match the wicking ability of mortar
  • Weep tubes don't drain directly off the flashing
  • Cell vents & weep tubes are often installed above the bed joint mortar
  • Tubes, ropes and vents are often missed or widely spaced

Cavity Weep™ and Stone Cavity Weep™ high performance self-spaced weeps create multiple tunnels for drainage directly on the flashing. The weeps are rolled out on the flashing before the bed joint of mortar, ensuring ample weeping capacity and proper weep location. The translucent plastic takes on the color of the surrounding mortar - no special colors needed.

Cavity Weep
Cavity Weep

High-performance, self-spaced weeps for standard brick construction save time and ensure that the wall drains at its lowest point.

 Cavity Weep

Stone Cavity WeepStone Cavity Weep

Advanced masonry weeps designed to drain full-width stone and oversized masonry unit walls.

 Stone Cavity Weep