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A wet basement is one of the most common problems homeowners and commercial property owners face. MTI has been dedicated to moisture management solutions in below- grade living spaces and has been for over 25 years. Our products have provided successful outcomes in homes and commercial properties across the country.

I have waterproofed thousands of basements with no callbacks. Masonry Technology's Floor Edging™ is the reason why."
-  Jeff Ulferts, Owner - Drawbridge Waterproofing Inc.

Moisture Causes annotated diagram

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The Problem

Moisture intrusion in below grade living spaces (basements) is caused by two forces:

  1. Infiltration - moisture infiltration from oversaturated soils surrounding the foundation can pressurize and be driven through cracks and voids in the walls, footings and floors of below-grade construction
  2. Condensation - temperature variations between soils on the outside of walls and the air temperature inside the below-grade living space can create condensation on the basement walls

In both cases, moisture enters the living space ruining sensitive details such as wood and steel studs, drywall and carpeting. Humidity levels are raised and items such as appliances and metal storage cabinets rust. The heightened moisture levels also lead to health problems from mold growth and pest infestation. Energy use is also increased because of added strain on the HVAC system. MTI’s solutions successfully solve these problems leaving you with a healthy, dry below-grade (basement) living environment.

MTI's Solutions

In new construction or renovation existing basements MTI's products provide the protection you need. MTI's system relies on three basic mechanisms:

  • Control Cavity to protect moisture sensitive materials from condensation and moisture on foundation walls
  • Floor Edging to direct moisture under the slab and to the drain tile in the drain field
  • Large-capacity Sump Basket that extends life of sump pump and evacuates water from the drain field

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