MTI Wet Basement Systems – A Contractor’s Testimonial

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Wet basements create headaches for many homeowners and contractors. Coating walls with moisture resistant products doesn't change the underlying condition that allowed the basement to get wet in the first place. Adding a sump pump to the mix is a step in the right direction, but may only dry up part of your basement on its own. MTI's Floor Edging and Control Cavity systems address the underlying causes of wet basements by creating a predictable path to direct water to the sump pump and away from the living space.

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Fixing A Wet Basement in Iowa

Shortly after closing on a house, the new owners discovered water intrusion problems in their basement. They were unable to solve their problems with changes to the exterior so they contacted MTI. After viewing  MTI details and animations suggesting our solution to their basement moisture problems, they contacted a local contractor who installed a sump basket- sump pump system, MTI Floor Edging™ and a drain field-drain tile system. Here's what they had to say about their experience.

"We were shocked when we started experiencing water seepage at the base of our basement walls within days of closing on our new house. It destroyed the carpet and was damaging the drywall and baseboards. We tried several solutions but nothing helped. A local contractor installed MTI's Floor Edging and sump pump system and we haven't had a problem since! We now have a dry basement with room for the kids to run around and a safe place to store our belongings."

M. and C. Martin - Homeowners - Waterloo, IA

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