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Masonry Technology's moisture control systems...

Stork Results July 24
Stork Results July 28
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  • can be used in new construction projects or existing buildings.
  • are a basement moisture solution.
  • are a better basement building technology.
  • will reduce moisture and mold in block walls.
  • solve new construction moisture problems when using masonry, concrete and stone products.
  • should be an integral part of the moisture management plan for new construction projects.
  • reduce new house moisture concerns.
  • are the answer when looking for mold control in new house design.
  • are a small part of the building materials cost, but they deliver huge returns in building longevity and improved occupant health.

MTI's moisture control systems, whether used for new masonry construction or in existing buildings, have been proven to be the most effective moisture management tool available and these tests prove it!

About the Videos

These videos provide dramatic evidence of the importance of entrapped moisture control systems in building construction. They will help you see why solving moisture and mold control problems in new and existing construction truly is "About Time! Email us at for a free copy of the DVD.

Disclaimer: The photographs used in the "It's About Time" video to portray wall failures resulting from entrapped moisture, in no way imply failure of the building products shown in these photos, but instead, show that wall failures resulting from entrapped moisture are the result of improper construction design and poor construction detailing.